Selected Works - Photography & Explorations

Berkeley, California
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography

Client: Isaac Solo, Musician.
Purpose: Singles Release, Social Media Assets (Album Cover, Video Footage, Portraits)
Responsibility: Art Consultant & photography.

“Isaac wanted to have assets that he can use for his singles release of ‘Otherlight’ that is posted in various music and social media platforms such as Spotify and Instagram. I was also tasked in taking photographs as video footage that reflected the feel of his song along with designing the album cover. ”
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Final Deliverable:  

Berkeley, California
Art Assistant, Photography

Client: Squad App
Purpose: Squad Party Line Project Launch Ad.
Responsibility: Art Assistant, Set Production Assistant, BTS Photographer, and Script Supervisor Assistant.

“Squad wanted to re-create a 90s party line video for the release of a new app feature. Inspiration is from a hybrid of 90s combined with modern aesthetics to create this fun in-app video.” 
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Final Deliverable:  

San Francisco, California |
Chicago, Illinois
Designer, Motion Graphics

Orgnazation: Advanced Design
Purpose: SQ1 Conference social media assets.
Responsibility: Image retouching, animating graphics, video editing, and videography.

Worked with these talented designers:
Graphic Designer: Christian Ortiz
Graphic Designer: Bethany Chan

“Advanced Design holds a conference every year called SQ1 CON and last year’s conference was located in SF. I was part of a team of three designers that  designed the conference guide of 20+ designers from different organizations such as Autodesk, Frog, New Deal Design, and more for a 3-day immersive experience.” 

Oakland, California
Product Photography

Client: Salt Point Seaweed
Purpose: Product shots to be used for online store and social media.
Responsibility: Photography, videography and image retouching.

“Initially assisted in collecting video & audio footage for Salt Point Seaweed’s Kickstarter campaign, then eventually moved to take photographs for their launch party. I was also tasked in taking their product shots for their online store and social media.” 
In the wild:

Final Deliverable: